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We at Sport Travel Management Europe understand the importance of preparing for the game. That is why we have organized our services in a way to ensure that you do not lose any time and energy on the surrounding elements.

We help you organize transfers, accommodation, specific team requirements, handle the board, VIPs & sponsors and pay attention to numerous details on your travel requirements.

Allow our well-coordinated team of professionals with a proven track record to help you with all your travel needs.

Airport Meet & Greet Service

The first encounter with our personnel and a warm welcome to the destination you will arrive.

Airport meet and greet is much more than just a smiling person with a sign.

To ensure that transfers are at the nearest possible location, to know where big luggage and equipment will be dropped off and a lot more other details are key to fast airport exit and depart to your hotel.



To provide a quality accommodation solution Ban Tours goes through a thorough selection process for your team based on your requirements.

What is the proximity to the stadium and the airport and what are the optimum routes for transfers?

Can the hotel provide rooms on the same floor, private dining area and meet the team dining preferences.

Does it possess the necessary training and relaxation amenities as well as adequate meeting space with all of the required technological equipment?


Private transportation

To ensure quality transportation Ban Tours selects vehicles of top quality and reliability.

But transportation is not a static service, it requires a coordinated team that keeps in touch and plans for traffic jams, alternate routes as well as coordination with domestic authorities to provide a fast and carefree ride from point A to point B.


Attractions & Activites

It is not unusual that board members, working community and sponsors travel along with a team to a certain game.

Their needs and expectations are different than the squads.

To get to know the local culture, people and the way of life can be a great experience and we at Ban Tours provide multiple choices of activities & attractions on the destination.


Concierge & VIP services

There are a lot of situations where a high profile individual or group accompany the squad.

To cater to their specific needs Ban Tours appoints the most experienced personnel who provide 24/7 on-call support. We understand the nature of these high profile individuals and prepare for last minute changes in the schedule, an important meeting that takes longer than expected or a lunch that went well and will take longer than planned because of another round of drinks in the cigar lounge.


Private Dining & Events

Private dining for the team at hotels is a must and is always incorporated within our team services solutions.

For club board members, VIPs and sponsors we offer the best offer of restaurants and venue locations.

We are specialized to provide an experience of local gastronomy, thus enabling everyone to get in touch with local eating habits and delicacies.

Liaison Team

Your team gets a dedicated liaison officer in front of the whole organization.

In addition, we dedicate one professional per bus/car.

Together they communicate each arranged step and are in touch during the whole organization.

This results in a team that knows where the other players are all of the time and can provide additional assistance to each other should the need arise.


Press Conferences

Should the need ever arise we can organize everything related to press conferences.

Finding an adequate venue, setting up the technical equipment and working with your club media officer to ensure that the goal of your conference is met.

We also provide accreditation arrangement and printing, printing of a banner wall or any other needed visuals and files needed for the conference.

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